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Roof Soft Wash

Buckeye Seamless offers certified SoftWash Systems services for damage-free cleaning of your roof. Unlike pressure washing or power washing, a soft wash preserves the integrity of your tile or shingle rooftop. Regular cleaning of your roof can save you from the high cost of early roof replacement.

What is SoftWash Systems?

SoftWash Systems uses a water spray of less than 200 psi to clean outdoor surfaces such as roofs. This low-to-moderate-pressure water spray is mixed with proprietary chemicals for thorough treatment. The right chemicals not only leave the roof visibly cleaner, but also prevent future stains.

You might think that spraying a roof with your garden hose is the same as a soft wash. But an average garden hose connected to a municipal water supply or private well puts out less than 100 psi. Additionally, when you consider the proven proprietary chemicals used by SoftWash Systems, DIY does not compare.

Roof cleaning overview

Roof cleaning is a relatively new type of home exterior service. Once a Southern offering, roof cleaning is now considered regular maintenance nationwide. Specific organisms vary regionally, but algae and other growths can be found on rooftops virtually anywhere in the country. Pestilent plants weaken your roof, allowing precipitation to degrade the material and cause permanent damage.

To clean a roof, a mixture of specially selected detergents and water is applied and left on for several minutes. The chemicals work to loosen dirt and bird droppings, kill algae and fungi, and remove stains. Finally, the roof is rinsed, leaving you with a clean, fresh, damage-free, and growth-resistant surface.

SoftWash Systems versus power washing

The traditional cleaning method for rooftops has been pressure washing or power washing. However, these methods can do more harm than good, particularly in the hands of a nonprofessional.

Your roof is weakened by algae, fungi, and other growths, as well as solar heat and ultraviolet rays. A high-pressure wash will only further degrade what has already broken down. The last thing you want to do is clean your rooftop with a power wash.

Pressure washing can actually encourage the growth of algae and fungi. Once you get into this cycle, the more you wash, the bigger your problem. SoftWash Systems gets to the root of your problem and leaves you with a sanitized roof that resists growths.

SoftWash Systems

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