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Exterior Wall Soft Wash

Buckeye Seamless offers the benefit of SoftWash Systems services for the entire exterior of your home. Unlike power washing or pressure washing, soft washing is unlikely to damage the surprisingly delicate surface of your exterior walls. Regular cleaning of the outside of your house means less painting and other maintenance.

What is SoftWash Systems?

SoftWash Systems is a cleaning method that combines a low- or moderate-pressure water spray with a special blend of chemical agents. The pressure is typically less than 200 psi. After the water and detergent is applied, the mixture is allowed to sit. This gives the chemicals time to loosen debris, lift stains, and kill organisms. Once enough time has elapsed, the detergent is rinsed off. You get a fresh, clean surface with no damage.

Wall cleaning overview

The exterior walls of your home should be cleaned regularly. Depending on your location, you may see an unsightly buildup on the outside of your building consisting of:

  • Algae
  • Fungi
  • Lichens
  • Mold/mildew
  • Mosses
  • Or just plain dirt

Cleaning your exterior walls not only makes your home look newer and brighter but also prevents damage caused by some of the organisms.

While it may be tempting to wash your house with your garden hose, this is a waste of time for two reasons. First, the pressure of the average garden hose reaches about 100 psi maximum—usually much less. Second, dirt is the least of your problems. A nice spray may leave your home looking cleaner temporarily, but the microorganisms remain, only to spread again.

SoftWash Systems versus power washing

Power washing, or pressure washing, has long been the go-to cleaning method for exterior walls. However, power washing has its drawbacks, especially in the hands of an unskilled operator.

  • If the spray is held close enough to a brick surface to kill mildew and fungus, the high pressure can erode the brick and mortar gradually.
  • Paint may chip and peel more quickly with regular power or pressure washing.

SoftWash Systems uses special chemicals to kill the growths that mar the beauty of your home and weaken your roofing material.

SoftWash Systems

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