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Drain Services Columbus, OH

Drain Installation; Drain Cleaning

Drain Installation, Columbus, OH; Drain Cleaning Columbus, OHBuckeye Seamless offers a full array of outdoor drain services: cleaning, installation, and repair.

Your gutter and downspout are only two parts of a trilogy. Your drainpipe completes the system by channeling water away from your foundation, basement, and HVAC components. Without a drain, you risk not only puddles in your yard and drowned flowerbeds, but also extensive structural damage.

Existing outdoor drains can become clogged over time or even fail, resulting in unpleasant overflows. Read on to find out more about drain services from Buckeye Seamless.

Drain Cleaning

Whether your downspout ties into a municipal storm sewer or simply drains onto your land, a line packed with debris can back up and cause flooding. If your drain seems to be blocked, Buckeye Seamless can perform a video inspection of the drain to diagnose the problem. Technicians can then unclog, repair, or replace the drain as necessary.

Buckeye Seamless takes a unique approach to outdoor drain cleaning. Many companies use electric eels, or snakes, which open a channel in the clogged line but may result in incomplete cleaning, with debris left inside the drain. Worst-case scenario, an electric eel can actually damage the drain and add to your costs.

Instead, Buckeye Seamless uses a state-of-the-art water-jetting system that unclogs your drains effectively and safely. The super-high water pressure not only pulverizes debris, but also washes it away, leaving you with a drain that is as good as new.

If you frequently have a problem with clogged drain lines, you can ask your drain-cleaning technician about accessories that prevent debris from entering the drain.

Drain Installation

If you do not have a proper drainage phase in place, new drains can be installed to supplement your gutters and downspouts. The essential third component in your gutter system, the drain, may take one of many forms. Rainwater usually drains to a municipal sewer, "daylight" (meaning ground level), or a catch basin.

Buckeye Seamless offers complete water drainage systems that are custom-tailored to your needs:

  • 3-inch and 4-inch downspout drains.
  • French drains: trenches lined with rock or perforated pipe.
  • Catch basins: grate-covered drains that collect sediment and allow cleaner water to enter the sewer system.
  • Flow wells: gravity-fed wells that disperse runoff into the ground.
  • Pop-up drains: drain-pipe termini that literally pop up as water pressure increases, allowing water to flow out onto the land.

Buckeye Seamless always calls the Ohio Utilities Protection Service before digging to locate any buried lines. Your drain installation project can usually be completed in one day. After backfilling and reseeding, you will scarcely know any work was done.

Drain Repair

Underground drains are difficult to monitor. It is usually when they back up that an already existing problem becomes evident. Buckeye Seamless is ready to access and repair any drain, whether it is buried under dirt or concrete.

Possible causes of broken drains include:

  • Shoddy initial workmanship.
  • Poor quality materials.
  • Deteriorated pipe lining.
  • Root infiltration.
  • Freezing.
  • Clogging.

After the drain repair work is complete, Buckeye Seamless restores the area to its original condition, whether that means backfilling or pouring new concrete.

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